“Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” and DC Comics’ Metahumans

In an interview with the famed Stan Lee about his history of creating characters he talked about the trouble of coming up with fresh and new ways that a person could gain their powers. Spider-Man gained his with a radio active spider bike, the Fantastic Four the cloud in space, the Hulk the gamma radiation and on the other side of the line Superman was an alien and stored energy from Earth’s sun, Green Lantern from his power ring, Martian Manhunter being a Martian. But what happens when you can’t really come up with even reasonably decent explanations? As Deadpool recently joked in his film, telling a comic buyer that your character was bitten by a “radioactive Shar Pei” would be laughable at best but more likely insulting. So how do you keep it fresh? Stan simply decided to have characters born that way and with that thought and in 1963 Marvel’s X-Men where born. DC and Wildstorm also followed suit with terms of their own, DC Comics’ being the term “Metahuman”.

Metahumans - Robin and the Teen Titans

The term Metahuman was introduced in the DC Universe was first used in “1986 by author George R. R. Martin, first in the Superworld role playing system, and then later in his Wild Cards series of novels.” per the Wikipedia entry. In the Marvel Universe the X-Men are Mutants, an evolutionary step forward for the human race and ONLY applies to those people that have the genetic make up of the so called “Homo-Superior”. Conversely the term “Meta-Human” is used in the DC Universe to describe any powered individual retroactively applying to Superman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and even Wonder Woman. First used by an alien race during an invasion of Earth the descriptor used from the stand point of “meta-” meaning “beyond”, denoting persons and abilities beyond human limits. This different is quite different than the Marvel “mutant” concept and is the main distinguishing factor between the two terms however there is a genetic component to having existed for centuries so the while the terms are not synonyms they are not dissimilar.

According to Countdown to Infinite Crisis, there are roughly 1.3 billion metahumans on Earth, 99.5% of which are considered “nuisance-level” while only 0.5% are considered to be in one of three categories “Alpha”, “Beta”, or “Gamma” such as the main members of the Justice League. (Superman and Wonder Woman being prime examples of Alpha Metahumans.) For comparision, Marvel doesn’t provide numbers as exact as that previously mentioned for Meta Humans however the official Marvel.com page for mutants states the following: “With a species-population numbering in the millions… it appeared that over time, mutants would eventually supplant humans as the dominant species on Earth.” However after the events of “M Day”, a comics event in which the Scarlet Witch, herself the mutant daughter of Magneto, uttered the words “No More Mutants” and wiping the world of Mutants but was later partially restored, the estimated world wide population is “now estimated to be in the hundreds”.

With the release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and its inclusion of not only the title characters but also Metahumans like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg and its obvious base as point zero for an expanded DC Comics Cinematic Universe, the Wonder Woman film already well into production, its important to know and understand the use of such a niche term. Understanding the term Metahuman in comparison to Marvel’s Mutants is also important because the nuanced differences could be over looked by the fact that there are five main line X-Men movies already released,a fourth around the corner, not to mention the spin-off movies like the two existing Wolverine, third Wolverine in production, and recently released Deadpool movie, and so the term Mutant and its meaning are well known vs the lesser known ‘metahuman’. While tv shows The Flash and Arrow, on the CW, are using the term much more today expect to see it even more in the future with DC/WB planning releases over the next 6 years.

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Trump University Waterboarding – Effective Training or Torture?

Donald Trump University Waterboarding

Waterboarding techniques were shown in Zero Dark Thirty movie may have been used to help sell Trump University real estate training packages.

Donald Trump, a celebrity running for president wants to bring back Waterboarding. His Trump University sales team may have used waterboarding techniques similar to the one used in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

But let’s face it: He’s a celebrity, first and foremost. He’s eccentric, egotistical, and well quaffed (kidding). He’s always good for an insane sound bite, no matter the topic. Consider this whacky statement he made back in November, while at a political rally in Ohio:

“Would I approve waterboarding? You bet your ass I would — in a heartbeat. And I would approve more than that. Don’t kid yourself, folks. It works, okay? It works. Only a stupid person would say it doesn’t work.”

That’s right, folks: The Don is down with waterboarding. Apparently, so is a sales that pitched Trump University ‘s real estate training to people over the phone.

According to The Washington Post, on a day in 2007 when Prosper employees were soliciting calls on behalf of Trump University, a supervisor waterboarded one of his sales reps, Chad Hudgens, as a lesson in motivation.

“It’s widely acknowledged that the supervisor, Joshua Christopherson, then told the assembled sales team, whose numbers had been lagging: ‘You saw how hard Chad fought for air right there. I want you to go back inside and fight that hard to make sales,’” The Washington Post says.Shortly after the incident, Hudgens sued his former employers. Here’s how he described the incident, as reported in the Post article:

“So they held me down, and the next thing I know, Josh has a gallon jug of water and he’s pouring it on my face. I can’t scream because the water’s going down my throat.

“And halfway through he stopped for a second. I tried to mumble the words, ‘Stop, knock it off.’ I tried to get that out and he continued to pour.”

“I’m not getting any air. Toward the end, I’m starting to black out. I’m getting very dizzy, light-headed. The sensation that’s going through my head is, ‘I’m going to drown.”

So did Trump University gain anything from this crazy motivational exercise? Did they close more Trump University sales because of it? Using these tactics as motivation to do something might work in movies about special forces, however real life waterboarding of Americans is just crazy.

But Trump University itself has been sued by the New York State attorney general for making false claims and engaging in illegal business practices. It’s ironic that a company who made sales for Trump and his real estate institution was also sued for engaging in a controversial practice many say is torture.

It seems Donald Trump and controversy were made for each other.

Source: Trump University Waterboarding – Washington Post


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Are Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs in Trouble?

Robert Pattinson FKS Twigs

According to sources, Robert Pattinson of “Twilight” and “Cosmopolis” fame may be on thin ice. It seems his fiancee, FKA Twigs, is done with waiting around.

It’s no secret that their engagement has been a long one. But if FKA Twigs has waited a while, she doesn’t want to wait any more. Apparently, she has issued an ultimatum to Robert Pattinson: She’s ready to get married now. If he’s not, then she’s ready to move on instead.

Robert Pattinson is a great guy. We wouldn’t write this blog if we thought otherwise. But we can understand the frustration his fiancee must be feeling. Nobody likes to be led along on a string. Shotgun weddings are unwise in our opinion, but so is an engagement that spans years.

Now, it hasn’t been THAT long in the case of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. They became officially engaged in April of 2015, so it’s been not quite a year. Still 10 months of waiting and anticipating, planning and dreaming of that glorious day is a long time for someone in love. Patience can only be asked to remain strong for so long.

It has also been reported that FKA Twigs does not want a big wedding. Rather, she is said to want a small, private affair.

So when must the wedding take place? Within the calendar year, sources say. Let’s hope that is happens soon, because from our point of view, they make a beautiful couple.

Well, the ultimatum appears to be out there and Robert Pattinson has been warned. He had better not drag this on too much further, or he may be single and alone. We would hate to see that.

In the mean time, we will eagerly await the release of Robert’s next film, called the “High Life.” This sci-fi movie looks pretty darn interesting, and it’s supposedly about a group of convicts who get conned into joining a dangerous space mission that could mean freedom. Sounds fun.

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Remember Trump’s Crazy Robert Pattinson Tweets?


Before he was a presidential candidate himself, Donald Trump became one of the go-to tweeters for his thoughts on the 2012 election. If you recall, it was during that time that he shared his thoughts on Twitter about our own Robert Pattinson:

“Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again–just watch. He can do much better!”


“Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. Be smart, Robert.”

It’s amazing that a man who is so powerful, who has since become the GOP frontrunner for the White House, would focus his attention on a Hollywood romance. But that’s the funny thing about the Don: He’s positioned to possibly be the most powerful man in the world, yet he still hops in Twitter to weigh on in relatively trivial, mundane topics.

We’re not saying that Robert is mundane or trivial. We love him! However, Trump has definitely made some classic, silly tweets over the years. A few months ago, Josh Groban even stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s show to sing some of Trump’s classic oddball tweets. Not surprisingly, his tweet about Robert and Kristen was among them.

Trump has also tweeted about Diet Coke drinker not being thin people, Barack Obama’s “fraudulent” birth certificate, “losers and haters,” and more. And while we may laugh at his interest in celebrities, we must give him props for being right about Robert and Kristen. Robert and his new love, FKA twigs, seem to be pretty happy.

Even though he’s busy running his own presidential campaign, Trump’s still at it. He seems to relish the fact that he has a much larger Twitter following than the rest of the field. A lot of people pay attention to what he says, and he seems to say whatever’s on his mind, whether its political or personal, serious or silly.

Trump recently took to Twitter to criticize Frank VanderSloot, a billionaire donor who backed Mitt Romney last time, for endorsing his competitor Marco Rubio. Frank VanderSloot is not a celebrity, but he is a power player in the GOP. Trump is a billionaire himself, so he doesn’t need someone else’s money; he just wants to point out that he thinks Frank VanderSloot is wrong…again.

Trump also just tweeted something about how his soon-to-be released medical report will show that he is the perfect human specimen.

Gee. We thought that honor belonged to Robert Pattinson.


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Star Wars 7 Trailer, Ticket Sales Tonight


If you’re a Star Wars junkie—and if you aren’t, there’s something wrong with you—tonight is a night you definitely don’t want to miss.

Why? Because, the good folks at Lucasfilm have confirmed, the one and only official movie trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will premiere on ESPN during tonight’s Monday Night Football game pitting the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.

Sure, there will be a football game to watch, but the real excitement will happen during one of the commercial breaks. We don’t know which commercial break it will be, but for those of us who grew up on Star Wars, we will be paying as close attention to the commercial breaks tonight as folks do during the world-famous Super Bowl broadcast.

Disney also announced that advanced tickets to the premiere of the Force Awakens will go on sale immediately after the trailer runs. The company says tickets will be available for purchase everywhere tickets to the film are sold.

An official new film poster was also just tweeted. It features new character played by John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Daisy Ridley, as well as the original cast of characters so dear to the hearts of many. In addition, there are a couple of new teaser clips. While they are extremely short—10 seconds in length—they pack a punch. One shows what looks to be the lead-up to a major battle, and it’s absolutely goose bump-inducing.

The new Star Wars movie premieres on December 18, and the story takes place 30 years after the events depicted in “Return of the Jedi.”

Disney is cashing in on its acquisition of Lucasfilm, and not just through the movies. It was announced earlier this year that the Disney theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando will soon feature new “Star Wars Lands.” Construction is scheduled to begin some time in 2017, with an anticipated 2019 opening.

Source: CNN

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Is ‘The Martian’ a Family-Friendly Movie?


Hollywood’s screen adaptation of Andy Weir’s best-selling novel, “The Martian,” has been a box-office sensation right out of the gates. The film, and actor Matt Damon’s stellar performance, have received rave reviews.

Many describe “The Martian” as a cinematic masterpiece. And it’s not just the film industry that’s in love with it. The science community also lauds the movie and it’s true-to-life elements.

Space.com argues that it may be the most realistic film about space exploration ever. And its authenticity goes beyond the science and technology, they say: It’s the culture of science and scientists that makes this film feel so real and accurate.

But, is “The Martian” for everyone? Specifically, is it a family-friendly film that you can comfortably take your kids too?

We say yes, and here’s why:

“The Martian” is rated PG-13 and certainly contains elements of suspense and fright. But as mentioned above, the scariness of this movie is grounded in reality. Yes, it is science-fiction, and we are a long ways away from a trip to the red planet.

However, this is not a supernatural thriller. There are no ghosts or evil monsters whose sole purpose is to terrorize. There are only situations—real problems—that not only entertain but educate. We see this film as very similar to “Apollo 13.” Sure, that movie was based on a true story, but the basic idea is the same: mankind’s ability to work through a problem

Your kids could learn a lot from this movie. Sure, there are a few colorful words to watch out for (specifically when Damon’s character first realizes that he is alive and alone on Mars)

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RIP Wes Craven

wes craven

Wes Craven, the creator of Freddy Krueger, died on August 30, 2015. (Photo courtesy MoviePilot.com.)

With today being the official start of Halloween season, it seems only fitting to pay homage to one of the great Hollywood horror icons: Wes Craven.

Craven, who died a few weeks ago, is the genius behind A Nightmare on Elm Street. Thanks to that popular series, he is arguably the father of the modern horror-film genre. There may not be a more well-known horror villain than Freddy Krueger and his frightening knife fingers. While Edward Scissorhands made us smile, Freddy made us scream.

Craven, who was also the genius behind the successful Scream series, had been fighting brain cancer when he passed away. He was 76.

His career began with a movie in 1972 called The Last House on the Left, a violent film about a gang of killers who take two young women into the woods to torture them. The movie was a success at the box office.

However, the film he is most known for is 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Craven said he struggled for three years to sell the project. It nearly bankrupted him, so when it become a box office smash, he went from the bottom to the top almost overnight.

Craven’s frightening imagination was so intense that he says it even scared himself. When he was writing was when he truly got spooked out.

Craven really re-invented the horror genre with Scream. It became such a popular and iconic film in and of itself that it spawned several sequels and even led to the completely non-frightening and utterly hilarious Scary Movie horror parodies.

Craven was an English major in college and is even a novelist. It makes sense that he became such a wonderful Hollywood writer. His imagination was one in a million.

So this Halloween season, why don’t you pop in a classic Wes Craven horror flick and pay homage to the man who made us all jump out of our seats in fright.

Better yet, why not go retro at this year’s Halloween party and wear a Freddy Krueger costume or Scream mask?


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Sean Penn Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Lee Daniels

There’s some new drama in Hollywood, and it’s not on film.

According to reports, filmmaker Lee Daniels has lumped actor and two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn in with men who have a record of violence against women, and Penn is not happy. He’s suing Daniels to the tune of $10 million for comments he made that suggest Penn is a wife beater.

This all started several days ago when Daniels was doing an interview for The Hollywood Reporter. The interview turned to actor Terrence Howard, who is known to have exhibiting violence against the opposite sex. Howard, who according to records has been arrested several times for violence against women, is a star in Daniels’ hit TV series “Empire.”

According to the suit filed by Penn, Daniels in his interview seemed to question why Howard was getting so much negative publicity over his behavior when he is no different than Penn or Marlon Brando. The lawsuit goes after Howard for not only acknowledging that Howard is guilty of violent attacks, but for seemingly condoning Howard’s violent behavior as well.

In his filing of the lawsuit, Penn states that despite having numerous encounters with the law, he has not been convicted of domestic violence, let alone arrested for it.

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Robert Pattinson Interview Bingo

Robert Patterson.

Robert Pattinson’s fame exploded after he appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as the popular Cedric Diggory, and since then, he’s appeared in countless interviews and TV shows. If you’ve seen any of these interviews, however, you’ll notice how many of them ask about the same things – his interests, his die-hard fans, his musical talent, being among them. The folks on Entertainment Weekly noticed this, and have since made a bingo game you can play while watching Robert Pattinson’s interviews.

The game is actually pretty simple: watch an interview, and take note of the questions being asked. Pick the ones you think are likely to be asked again, and add your own list of questions you think Robert Pattinson is likely to be asked. You can also add mannerisms you think you’re likely to see from Rob throughout the interview. Use an online bingo card creator like the one on Print-Bingo.com to arrange the questions or topics into a set of bingo cards, and distribute them to your other friends who are fans of Robert Pattinson. Of course, you can expect that your game will have different items than what’s on EW’s bingo card, as it’s been years since Twilight and Robert Pattinson has since branched out into different projects.

To play the game, all you need to do is pull out your bingo card before the interview, and start ticking things off of the card as you see them happen. The first to get either a blackout or a BINGO! wins the game. Prizes for the game can range from anything from a poster of the winner’s favorite Rob Pattinson movie, or you could take a cue from Gala Bingo and give away cinema tickets to the next Rob Pattinson movie. With Rob being such a prolific actor, 3 movies already lined up for the next couple of years, we’re sure to see plenty more of him, and sure to have plenty more material for our Interview Bingo cards.

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How Do Celebrities Cope with Stress?


Got a nasty stress headache? Lavender oil has a very calm, soothing fragrance that makes relaxation easier.

Being a Hollywood icon or celebrity in general has got to be a stressful gig. Robert Pattinson enjoys his craft, but it’s clear he isn’t a fan of all the publicity he gets.

Acting and performing entails long hours, hard work on set, lots of interviews, dealing with fans, doing back-to-back interviews, publicity tours, dealing with huge egos, etc. It must be easy to become frazzled.

So how do Hollywood types handle the stress? Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and others have been known to use essential oils to unwind, relax, and improve physical health. There are a ton of different essential oils—just take a look at this line of Melaleuca essential oils that can all be used for stress0reducing aromatherapy.

Other actors meditate on a daily basis to center themselves and escape from the grind. These include Russell Brand, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Bridges, and Cameron Diaz. For Charlize Theron, Robert Downey Jr., and Emily Blunt, it’s all about Yoga. (Brand is also into Yoga.)

For young stars like Kylie Jenner, music is the preferred way to de-stress. Jenner likes to find a quiet space where she can put on the headphones and relax to the sounds of her favorite tunes.

Songwriting is what pays the bills for Taylor Swift, but she also finds it therapeutic and relaxing. A lot of celebrities are able to alleviate stress through creating art. Jim Carrey took up painting a few years ago, and has even featured his colorful work in art exhibitions.

Running is a terrific from of exercise, but it’s also a great way to clear one’s head. Will Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon have been seen pounding the pavement in their running shoes.

There are all kinds of things celebrities do to unwind and escape the grind. What are some of your favorite stress-relieving activities? Be sure to share your tips in the comments section.



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