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Let’s get in the limo: Cosmopolis reading group

So it would appear Robert Pattinson is the new ‘Oprah’ of book sales. His upcoming star turn in Water for Elephants has helped return that book to the New York Times best seller list. Try googling My Friend the Mercenary.  Yeah, Rob shows up… simply because he was photographed holding the book. (fingers crossed for a… Read More »

Roundup: Media coverage of Pattinson casting

Once Robert Pattinson became attached to Cosmopolis, the media coverage kicked into high gear and the film instantly became highly anticipated. Supporters were out in full force and so were skeptics. Here’s a roundup of various media coverage on the casting heard ’round the world. Click the source to read the full report: Reuters “Twilight”… Read More »

Robert Pattinson is cast in Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson is cast as the lead, Eric Packer, in the film, Cosmopolis. From EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson has booked his first major lead for when he completes The Twilight Saga. Pattinson will star in Cosmopolis, the Don DeLillo novel adaptation that David Cronenberg wrote and will direct. Pattinson, who just starred with Reese Witherspoon… Read More »