Poll: Dream Cast – Didi Fancher Edition

UPDATE: Michelle Pfeiffer was our poll winner! We had some fantastic write-in noms including, Gretchen Mol, Helen Hunt, me, Sharon Stone, Tea Leoni, Jane Lynch and Naomi Watts. It’s a great role and I think we’re all looking forward to who might be cast. You guys had great comments – can’t wait for next time… (Pastry Assassin or Jane??? Hmmm) Happy Super Bowl Sunday! #GoSteelers
She put a hand to his chest, self-dramatically, to determine he was here and real. Then they began to stumble and clutch, working toward the bedroom. They hit the doorpost and bounced. One of her shoes began to angle off but she could not shake free and he had to kick it away. He pressed her against the wall drawing, a minimalist grid executed over several weeks by two of the artist’s adjutants working with measuring instruments and graphite pencils. Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo


I’ve already confessed to being obsessed with the female characters in Cosmopolis. Elise, Jane, Kendra and Vija are vividly written and their encounters with Eric reveal so much about his character – the good, the bad and the intensely sexual. Didi’s encounter with Eric is also intense and revealing. She, however, is not as well described as the other women; we get her age, a blonde reference and Eric himself referring to her as “gorgeous”. Let the Dream Casting begin! ;)

“Here lies Didi. Trapped in all the old puritanisms.” He rolled belly down and they lay close, hips and shoulders touching. He licked along the rim of her ear and put his face in her hair, rooting softly. Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo


So… Didi, the “47 year old scorched blonde”. I googled “scorched blonde”. Got ONE hair result and a bunch of Rob sites talking about this movie. (Tink at Robsessed! Holla!) I still don’t know what scorched blonde means. *shrug* Here’s some of the names that I’ve seen in our discussion groups and on Twitter, plus one or two of my own ideas. There’s an age range here between 39 and 52 because I’m not sure how much they’ll push the “older woman” issue. Didi is sensitive, artistic, motherly. She seems sophisticated but also naive, a bit vulnerable in a way. “I miss things,” she says, along with, “I missed that. I miss a lot.”

Let’s see our contenders… in no particular order…

Dream cast: Didi (Poll Closed)







A little caveat: this is just for fun. We don’t know if Cronenberg will go with ”unknowns” for these roles or if they might be quirky cameos. (I can’t wait to dream cast Vija… and Jane… I love imagining different people in these roles!) We don’t have any idea if these ladies are available or even know about/want a role in this film. I repeat: just for fun.

Add your own pick in comments :) You guys have no idea how close I came to adding Betty White to this poll.

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