Poll: Dream Cast – Jane Melman Edition

Ah Jane Melman. The scene between Eric and Jane in the limo is a favourite amongst us. It’s intense and absurd and yes, obscenely hot. It’s an intriguing scene as well because it’s one of the few times Eric ”sees” someone really intently. He mentions at other times during the story that he doesn’t look at faces and also he doesn’t remember faces.

From his stooped position, Eric looked directly into Jane’s face. He liked doing this, which surprised him. In the office she was an edgy presence, skeptical, adversarial, aloof, with a gift for sustained complaint. Here, she was a single running mother in a foldout seat, knock-kneed and touchingly, somehow, gaunt. A splash of hair lay moist and flat on her forehead, showing the first faint veining of gray. The water bottle dangled from a lank hand.

From Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo

So let’s look at some lovely ladies. You guys had great suggestions and we added some to our own Chauffeur choices. Jane, like all the women in Cosmopolis, holds her own with Eric. Can’t wait to see how this poll goes – as before, feel free to write-in your noms if you don’t see her here!

“How come we’ve never spent this kind of time together?” Jane Melman, Cosmopolis

Yeah, Eric. Why??

Dream Cast Jane Melman



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