• rpattzgirl

    Beautiful!!!! Get some damn sleep!!

    • Marina H.

      hehehe. yeah Eric…go lie down or something…the limo is comfy. Full of snuggles.

      • Kim

        Beautiful Wallpaper!! The best one yet/how could that be?
        It’s the blue(black and white)and the bright yellow like sunlight or sunsets.
        Awesome. Anymore actors signed on?

        • Kim

          Like the advertising, way to go! GE!

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  • Dee

    Being in NYC for WFE and imagining Eric everywhere and having Rob there is going to be overload for this poor H00R

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  • Kim

    Yes, wanted to add thoughts about this wallpaper. Eric seems normal, like he probably was at one time before sleep failed him. He’s looking out at the top of the buildings where he is in life monetary wise. Everything is a contrast for him. The colors Marina the way you put them all over the scene tell me how he is thinking, in black and white and yet the bright light, white lights amidst the blue offer some hope to him. Like find Elise maybe she can help him, save him from all this.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RobCatCdn RobCatCdn

    Wow! What a Gorgeous wallpaper Marina! <3

  • Kim

    All these blue and white lights and height started making me just a bit dizzy. Ha Ha…anyway had another thought about this destiny state of Packinson. He was looking(subconsciously) to be saved that day and no one did. Why you ask? Because he didn’t kill his animals/shark or something. He’s a detailed man so he would not have forgotten this. Anyway I know the limo is parked today and we are on the walking tour for St. Patty’s Day, happy one to you all!