PHOTOS: Cosmopolis filming location shots (taxi, limo, props, trailers)

A few pictures from Cosmopolis set locations popped up on twitter today. A glimpse of the NYC taxi, possibly the limo, trailers, and a behind-the-scenes shot from stills photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg.

At Pinewood Toronto Studios. Moving a cab out/into soundstage for Cosmo. More dull #marvelousmoviemakingminutae
Knotty Thinker

Suspicious no more: Biiiiig, looooong White limo w NY plates parked. I wonder?????
Knotty Thinker

Those are fake inspection certificates (I.e props, set dec, art dept work)
Knotty Thinker

Here, for fun (see that white blur at the front of line of parked vehicles…3 guesses and first two don’t count???):
Knotty Thinker

K film goin time: #ForksOverKnives, doc re diet or #Potiche, trophy wife cum CEO comedy w C Deneuve? TO’s full o NY cabs
Knotty Thinker

Cosmopolis filming today. first trailer is Director’s, the second trailer is Rob’s!

Water bottle time.

Click the link in Caitlin’s tweet to read the post that goes with her picture. Now we know how THIS picture was achieved. :)

Behind-the-scenes of me at work… In blog form.
Caitlin Cronenberg

White limos are our life now. ;) (note: This is a joke The Playlist.)

Source | Trailer pics: Source | Caitlin Cronenberg

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  • rpattzgirl

    woo hoo! So awesome that we’re getting little bits of info and pics!

  • LuckyMeCandy

    This is seriously exciting.

  • rpattzgirl

    OMG!!! Eric Packer!!!!! (trailer)

    • tinkrbe1l3

      The scene with Jane is being shot :)

  • maah

    dies: Eric is just right there!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      no way he was in there because if he was, outsiders wouldnt be able to get close. still cool to see the signs :)

  • carolyn

    I am so very excited for Cosmopolis, and will enjoy every little teaser we get before. So thank you so much for those respectfully giving us these photos/info…To me personally, this is so much bigger than Twilight, Remember Me & Water For Elephants…This is Rob’s time to be respected!!! A movie made by one of the most respected Director’s…

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  • Janners

    OK… lie….I saw a while limo going along King Street on Friday afternoon. Could have been anyone but it’s fun to imagine that it was “the” limo!

  • PullMyDaisy2

    OH MAN you guys are so diligent and are SUCH LOYAL ROB fans. Tink you amaze me. I still say Tink needs to apply to be Rob’s assistant. She would do anything for him. :) Hell, we all would. I volunteer to look for the missing button fly jeans with the ripped knee. SIGH. ANY WAY, excited to see these pictures. Can I be the chauffeur? Deb/Daisy reporting for duty. Where can I take you Mr. Packer? Coffee, tea, or me? LOL That’s an old one….. If I had been there and had found the cast’s trailers/busses, I think I would have had to fondle the door handle of his bus. LOL Is that too pervy? ;) buhahhaha
    Any way, SO LOOKING FORWARD to all of your posts here. Keep up the good work guys.