PHOTOS: Set Soldier Dayna shares her Cosmopolis set adventure!

What. A. Day. I’m sure  lots of us were various shades of green today wishing we could have visited the Cosmopolis set as they filmed on a Toronto street today. Reader Dayna had earlier sent in a beautiful photo of her with Kevin Durand (Torval) and followed up with photos and an epic email recounting of her day observing filming. Go ahead… read and pretend you were there. :)

Dayna: My friend and I arrived on the set shortly after 9am to find Victoria Street blocked off. I was so happy to have found it my friend had to tell me the limo (which I’d said I would LOVE to see was parked right in front of us!

We did a walk by and saw Sarah and Rob sitting in the cafe (the camera was outside filming in). I was excited to see Rob just across the street but the icing on the cake was David coming up and crouching over between them. Being a Cronenberg fan for a very long time, it was incredibly exciting and a little shocking to see him so casual in person.

Chauffeur note: you can see those photos HERE

We got told we had to keep moving so luckily there was a tim hortons on the corner. We went in for breakfast but quickly found it almost empty, except for some people gathered at the back. We found a table and could see the scene pretty well. We watched take after take of Rob stuffing his face with food!

Yep… we’ve got those too. Click HERE.

They finished that particular scene , so Rob and Sarah exited the building and went to their trailers, along with them went almost every person that was in the tim hortons with us.

We managed to make friends with a girl who had been there a while and had the best seat in the house, so we ended up chatting and had a great time while waiting between takes.

There was a lot of setup and tear down. Eventually they put up black screens and blocked off most of what was being shown.

Kevin Durand was just kind of chillig outside. My new friend and I waved to him and he looked around, pointed to himself questioningly and when we nodded, he smiled and waved back.  Feeling brave, she went outside. She yelled to him across the street and he came over. I dragged my other friend outside and she got his attention so I could get a picture with him!  He was so increadibly nice and humble and graciously took the picture and thanked me when I told him I loved him on Lost.

Long breaks ensued and most of the filming was covered. During their lunch break they started going over the limo and discussing possible shots and angles (or so I assume from their basic actions and gesturing).

Rob's stand in during shot set up

After some more blacked out filming it was time for the limo. Kevin came to set first and Rob followed. He was just on the other side of the Limo so we saw their backs mostly. For the most part it was very quiet around, but as soon as Rob was out people started to arrive and it got much busier in the poor Tim hortons.

More photos of Rob, Kevin and David Cronenberg, plus the rest of Dayna’s fantastic set adventure… after the limo jump! (They do that, right?)

We ended up having to move because someone used flash when taking pictures (which we were asked not to do) and they put up a big black screen right in front of us.  We found another spot and watched a little longer until it started to get crazy crowded and felt like we were more imposing than just observing.

My general, overall impression was that this is going to be an incredible piece of art.  It was amazing to see David working and directing. You could see his mind just working and running when he was interacting with his actors and the crew.

Watching Rob and Kevin interact was incredible.  They seem to play off each other very well.  It was interesting to see just how intense Rob is when he’s working!  When they were resetting the scene he would close his eyes and just think and be quiet and still. I loved when Rob flubbed his lines and they had to do it again (so great to see his trademark giggle.

What can I say about Sarah? I had my doubts when she was first cast, but seeing her in that cafe, she embodied Elise and was completely how I would have pictured her in my head.!

Overall the day was a complete success and much more than I ever could have hoped for!  I learned a lot about what a set is like and what happens behind the scenes (a lot of hurry-up-and-wait!). I could not have asked for a better weekend.  I am more excited than ever to see tbis movie, I can just tell it’s going to be amazing!

Thank you Dayna for sharing!  More photos in the gallery below.

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  • Aussiegirl

    Such a great post and a wonderful experience for Dayna – it DID make me feel like I was in Tim Hortons with her.

    There was one line though – “It was interesting to see just how intense Rob is when he’s working! When they were resetting the scene he would close his eyes and just think and be quiet and still.”

    I’m sorry – but that DOES things to me *stumbles away dazed and shaking*

    • Donna

      It DID something to me, I was lucky enough to witness that intensity as well. Rob is going to be amazing as Eric Packer, Cronenberg saw it in him and Rob is bringing the character to life. Can’t wait to see this film.

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  • robsexme

    What an exciting day! Love Dayna’s account of her experience. It really did make me feel as if I were there with her. Thanks especially for that description of Rob concentrating hard between takes as Eric. Gah! I anticipate he’ll be spot on as Eric Packer. ;-)

  • rpattzgirl

    Such an amazing story Dayna! It sounds like you guys were perfect, quiet & out of the way, which allowed you to see all this!!

  • Dayna a/k/a @Bellasguardian

    Thanks guys, it really was an incredible experience. As an aspiring screen writer it was very interesting to be so close to all the action and see a real live set. As a fan, I loved Rob, thought he was great…but I truly think that today I viewed him as a star, as a true professional. There is an intensity about him when he’s working, that I don’t think comes across in film or in photos. It really was fascinating to watch him.

    I’m not going to lie. Things got a little crazy near the time when we were leaving. I can see it’s easy to get caught up in everything. I will admit that we got swept up for a few moments and were asked to move a couple times…it was at that point when we took a step back and said…”ok we’re being a problem here, it’s time to go.” It’s easy to forget they’re at work and they have a job they have to do. I do feel badly for that period of time where we allowed our guard down, but I’m glad we were able to pull back on it…

    Incidentally…It was also kind of awesome to watch Kevin and Rob’s stand ins. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture with Rob’s Stand in when I had the chance!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      Thanks for your account Dayna! And for being respectful. They are working but it’s a treat for fans to be able to catch a glimpse of the film making. Mr. Cronenberg could shut it down in a big way but he hasn’t and that’s awesome. Thanks again!

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  • Kate

    What a great account! Loved the story and the pics.

    • tinkrbe1l3

      Hey Kate! It’s like my sista from another mista came by to visit.

  • Marion

    Thank you for this post and again for the amazing job on the website, its SO interesting to see how this all go down for this movie and to know how David Cronenberg interacts with his actors…
    thanks again!!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      thank YOU!

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