PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson (and the limo) on Cosmopolis set 5/31

Robert Pattinson and the cast and crew of Cosmopolis has been hard at work today. Temperature clocks in at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Filming the deli scene, Pattinson was spotted with a water bottle firmly gripped (it’s sexual tension) and definitely necessary in these conditions. I can’t stop with the water bottle jokes. We might lose it when we spot “Jane” with one. ;)

Click HERE to view more, including set arrival pictures

Can’t have a post with out this supporting cast member:

Here’s Robert Pattinson co-star in Cosmopolis the famous white Limo. Rob will be driven around in this limo a lot
Steve S

And from set soldier, Jan



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  • rpattzgirl

    Its 104???? And he still looks this good? Proving again…only Rob..

  • Bettybmusing

    Too cool to be fazed :-D

  • Diana

    Hmmm – I was WONDERING why all of the sudden I can only drink bottled water! NOW I know why – I’m imagining drinking it in front of Rob! BSMH!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      this is a good thing. the part about drinking more water. :)

  • RobCatCdn

    “Pattinson was spotted with a water bottle firmly gripped (it’s sexual tension), I can’t stop with the water bottle jokes.” Tink, if you did (stop) … I’d be asking Deb what’s wrong with Tink??? #for.realz LOL :-) <3

    • deb24601

      Water bottle jokes are my life now ;) And they all seem to be doing it on set. It’s probably a big inside joke, they mutter to each other as the walk by “you grip it..” LOLOLOLOL

      *waves* Been a while! How are you bb?

      • tinkrbe1l3

        LOL “you grip it…” LOL

        • kim

          A bit of pun, rather fun, I mean how can it be 104 degrees in Canada? Water bottles needed for sure. How can these actors keep a straight face? That’s the question!? I know because they are professionals. One straight face take and 9 takes of pure fun/laughs.
          thanks Tink and Deb for the limo ride!!!