• Donna

    GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My crew buddy from the set showed us this picture of the vandalized limo last week but I couldn’t say anything…so glad it is out there now!!!!

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  • http://twitter.com/Stokesii Jenice Stokes

    OMGahhhhhhhhh, I would’ve loved to be part of the crew that had 2 do this!!!!! I was soooo anxious to see what this would look like…and here it is, i cant keep my eyes off it. I cant stop laughing at the fact 2 that in the book, it was also riddled with urine, LOL!!!!! This is a rather fantastic piece of artwork…and the RAT is PRICELESS. David & the entire crew is working hard & making my a bit more & more anxious everyday!!!! =D

  • http://twitter.com/luckymecandy LuckyMeCandy

    The limo looks fantastic!

    Rob layers no matter the weather.

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  • Konstantina Pattinson

    I’m glad it’s just for a scene. I saw the photos yesterday and I thought some haters did it. I was really upset. But if it is for a scene they did a great job, ’cause it seems so real!