• Calihi27

    I LOVE how they are paying attention to detail with their branding. I like how they are going for the edgy modern look. Cronenberg is doing this all right (wouldn’t expect anything less!) And wow, great investigative skills Chauffeurs!

  • http://twitter.com/Stokesii Jenice Stokes

    I love it……..its something that most people would not appreciate, leave unnoticed and bypass very quickly. This is a movie that is truly more than what meets the eyes. I must praise Cronenberg & his production team because they are filming some scenes in Toronto but are doing everything they possibly can to make NY so real over there. Its amazing and any gr8 team would invest a lot of research time to achieve such brand & location loyalty!!! Its awesome, i love it & I’m definitely super excited as are you guys!!!!! =D

  • http://www.cosmopolisfilm.com/ tinkrbe1l3

    i love this. so much :) and LA has the best manhole.

    • Marina H.

      San Fran. :-|

      • http://www.cosmopolisfilm.com/ tinkrbe1l3

        pfft. u cant even TELL it’s san fran. what are they? ashamed of their manhole?

    • Loisada

      City of Angels does manholes like nobody’s business… and does ladyholes even better!!

      • http://www.cosmopolisfilm.com/ tinkrbe1l3


  • Kazrob

    I think it gives it an exciting edgy feel……you are very good detectives as well as chauffeurs.
    And stop arguing…they are ALL good lol

  • http://twitter.com/DebbieCDC Debbie (SeattleChik)

    WOW!! I didn’t know you were both chauffeurs and private investigators — I’m sure Eric appreciates the multi-tasking ability of his employees!

    Seriously though, that is fascinating that you tracked down that logo/branding source – and I agree it’s VERY important for as much of NYC as possible to be incorporated into this film because the city itself and it’s 24-hr atmosphere, the center of capital markets, etc. as well as Eric’s hometown, all figure into the story.

    Another great job set soldiers!!

    • http://www.cosmopolisfilm.com/ tinkrbe1l3

      LOL we’re renaissance women ;)

  • Red_Hed_Lust

    Kewl! And I’m not typically into exploring *ahem* “manholes”. Of course, the hard limits seem to soften when Mr. P is involved!

  • robmeblind

    Perfect. I am envious of the creative person who thought of this. It’s a fit with the soul of the film.

  • http://twitter.com/luckymecandy LuckyMeCandy

    Marina you’re so cool and brainy at the same time. I love it. Nice work.

  • Kim

    Good work/didn’t know what you were talkin bout earlier! But the assymetrical clued me in.
    Manholes from India in NY City….hmmm. I seem to have lost a week here, but know you will catch me up and all will be well! One small book has so many words and meanings.
    A half a million hits…way to go cosmopolis and chauffuers and Cronenberg and Rob and all!