• rpattzgirl

    Love it Marina!!!

    • Kim

      A little clue there in the excerpt….these long weeks!
      The haircut and now we’ve seen it, ha!
      Thanks Marina for all your great work and will check in to see the 101,
      I’ve just seen two of his/Cronenberg’s movies and I’ve much to say!

  • ABV

    Thanks for everything Minnie,it was great being *in the loop* on this movie…

  • Kaz2

    Yes, this is how I imagined he would look too. He looked a lot younger than I expected in the pics I have seen? Hopefully we wont be kept waiting as long as we are for Bel Ami!

  • susan1944

    This picture seems perfect for Eric! He seems morose, frustrated. Just noticed the words about “these long weeks”. Is this a referral to his marriage to Elise? I can’t wait for your commentary.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RobCatCdn RobCatCdn

    Lovely wallpaper Marina! *swoon* <3

  • http://gravatar.com/curioushairedgal Dalva

    Beautiful wallpaper, so Eric, you are completely right…and so fiftyish too! Thank you! Immensely looking forward to 101 :)