First Look At David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis!


SLOWER version + French dubbing after the cut!

Slower version to catch all the goodies. ;)

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  • Juliana Oliveira

    Agora sim eu fiquei MUITO ansiosa para assistir…

  • Jacqueline Marie Viverito

    Holy shitt!!! OMG!!! Like really? when is this coming out? cuz my ass is going to be there 3 days before that shit comes out

  • satine76

    It is everything and more, his voice, the body, face, OMG, he is a freakin love machine. Let the Limo roll I am so there when this opens front and center. He is amazing, this will be one mind-blowing performance. Thank you for showing this, there are no words to express how I am truly amazed by this small teaser. Awesome.

  • im1luckywoman

    It certainly DOES chart! You are right about that. OMFG!!

  • J.D.

    Thanks for the great website. Your commitment and support of the film are truly admirable.What a great tribute to the actors and directors of Cosmopolis! I might be your newest fan! Look forward to more info on the film as you learn about the premiere dates for the U.S. The trailer is like an explosive ready to detonate. Thanks for making it available so quickly!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      Thanks for the compliments! We love the film and want to support it the best we can :) Very happy you’re enjoying the site. The teaser is definitely explosive :)

      • J.D.

        I’d love to know if the esteemed Mr. Cronenberg has acknowledged your website and the efforts that you have taken to showcase his newest work. As a fan of great books, clever adaptations and naturally of Mr. Pattinson, I am really encouraged by the maturity and respect with which you are highlighting this film. It is evident that you and your co-genius site editors are both in awe of and invested in Rob’s success and and apparently equally invested in the success of Cosmopolis. It is refreshing and very admirable! Hope you continue to inform and entertain us with this superb site. Thanks for making it a place where I can send my friends to check out the latest on the film! Congratulations on your patience and efforts as you have waited for the film trailer and the eventual premiere of the film! I know that many fans will hightail it over here to check out your efforts, as the film comes out of the darkness and into the bold center spotlight! I am making it my mission to make sure that Rob and his cast mates, acknowledge and personally thank you, in the near future!
        Thanks, again!

  • shelly harness

    this looks amazing!!!!



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  • Dalva

    Show me something I don’t know…fuck, this is good!

  • roxytwilightgirl

    omg!!! so amazing!! he plays so well to role and he looks so fucking hot! i can’t wait to see this movie!

  • helena

    This is along time coming and boy boy does it look good. cant wait for to see it.

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  • durtyrob4ever

    Oh hell yea!! Finally we get to see Rob in Cosmopolis!! He totally owns this role!! Looks like Cosmopolis is going to shut up all the critics who get off on giving him shitty reviews!! Can not wait for this movie!! Thanks for the SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW version, we get to see all the goodies!!

  • insat

    It definitely looks like…. this movie will not be suitable for some audiences since they may find it disturbing and generally too much to handle…:-). I hope this will be ‘swim’ not ‘sink’ for Patzy, it seems he had to make some serious sacrifices filming it. I do hope some prejudiced critics will finally shut their f***ing mouth.

  • diana (@della291)

    OMG- I cannot stop watching this. I’ve watched it about 10 times already this morning. Now how in the hell am I supposed to go into a meeting and give a presentation? I SO won’t be focused!

  • http://gardenlilie gardenlilie

    OMFG. Wow. This charts babe. Unbelievably believable. Just what we have been WAITING for!!!
    As a fangirl, I am now in need of a fan. Ha ha. Seriously…..those that want to see him stretch as an actor and be more than previous will love it. Thanks.

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  • dee602

    I’m stunned speechless. Just no words I have chills.
    Can’t wait for this and praying for an NYC premiere.

  • susanrsm

    Holy Hotness! Where’s the fan? I’m burning up! I knew Rob’s performance would be stellar but this is more brilliant than I ever imagined! Can’t wait!! :D

  • Sus (@MamaEsme2)

    All I can say is, “YAY, ROB!!!” Can’t wait to see this….brilliant!

  • iloveurob

    the teaser is f***ing awesome!!!

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