BOOK: Closer look at the Cosmopolis Teaser Trailer – Part 3 (Piss, BANG, Glop) *SPOILERS*

We’re at the final part for the Cosmopolis teaser! Can you imagine an actual trailer? It’ll take us a whole week to dive into that. If you missed the earlier post, click the links below. Part 2 has an amendment.

The next image in line is Mr. Packer relieving himself.


He remembered that he needed to urinate. He did it in the car, stooping, and watched the bowl fold back into its housing. He didn't know what happened to the waste. Maybe it was tanked up somewhere in the underside of the automobile or possibly dumped directly in the street, violating a hundred statutes.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. It has been a long day for Mr. Packer.

Next is a scene that completely altered me as the reader. I was on a balancing beam the remainder of the book.

Nancy Babich

We have spoilers on this site but I still feel like leaving this scene with Eric and Torval (Kevin Durand) alone. It’s no mystery for the reader.

The teaser also gave us a quick look at Brutha Fez’s funeral procession.

“You ain’t heard?”

Eric said, “What?”

Kozmo batted himself in the chest, reverently. “Brutha Fez.”



“No. What. Can’t be.”

“Dead. Died. Early today.”

“I don’t know this?”

“Funeral’s been in progress all day. The family wants to give the city a chance to pay respect. The record label wants an exploitation event. Big and loud. Street to street. Right through the night.”

“I don’t know this? How can this be? I love his music. I have his music in my elevator. I know the man.”

He knew the man. The sadness, the plangency of this remark was echoed in the music itself, the gawwali model of devotional rhythms and improvisations, over a thousand years old, growing louder now as the funeral cortege came down the avenue, which had been cleared of extraneous traffic and parked cars.

The hearse came next, an open car with Fez lying in state at the rear in a coffin angled upward to make the body visible, asphodels everywhere, fleshy pink, the flowers of Hades, where souls of the dead come to find meadowy rest.

This shot is almost impossible to catch like the coffee shop shot with Elise. Lucky for us we can look at everything frame by frame so we see Andre (Mathieu Amalric).

"I am after you long time. Son of bitch," he said. "I glop you good."

Now Eric saw three photographers off to the right and a man shooting video from his knees. Their car sat with doors flung open.

“Today you are cremed by the master,” he said. “This is my mission worldwide. To sabotage power and wealth.”

He began to understand. This was Andre Petrescu, the pastry assassin, a man who stalked corporate directors, military commanders, soccer stars and politicians. He hit them in the face with pies. He blindsided heads of state under house arrest. He ambushed war criminals and the judges who sentenced them.

“I am three years waiting for this. Fresh baked only. I pass up president of the United States to make this strike. I creme him any time. You are major statement, I tell you this. Very hard to zero in.”

He was a small guy with hair dyed glossy blond, in a Disney World T-shirt. Eric caught the note of admiration in his voice. Carefully he kicked him in the nuts, watching him spaz and crumple in Torval’s grip. When the flash units lit up, he attacked the photographers, landing a number of punches, feeling better with each one. The three backpedaling men stumbled into a row of garbage cans, then scuttled up the street. The videographer fled in the car.

Most of the supporting cast don’t have lengthy parts but each one of them packs a punch that is going to be memorable. They all matter in this day.

The final shot…


It only made me think of one thing:

Nancy Nancy Nancy. Or he says her full name because this is what he tells his gun. I’m wondering where does she live, what does she think about when she rides the bus to work. I can stand here and see her coming out of the bathroom drying her hair. Women barefoot on parquet floors make me weak-kneed and crazy. I know I’m talking to a gun that can’t respond but how does she undress when she undresses? I’m thinking did she meet him at her place or his place to do whatever they did. These mothers with their afternoons at the movies. We went to the movies because we were trying to learn how to be alone together. We were cold and lost and my father’s soul was trying to find us, to settle itself in our bodies, not that I want or need your sympathy. I can picture her in the heat of sex, expressionless, because this is a Nancy Babich thing she does, blank-face.

I may not have one but I found myself relating most to this tweet on Thursday when the teaser was released:!/thejamminjabber/status/182830511264239616


All image captions and quotes are from Don DeLillo’s novel, Cosmopolis. Click the book in the side bar to purchase. Special thanks to Kate for working on gif making with me. :)
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