Cool ‘Cosmopolis’ poster analysis by @House_Next_Door

I love this. Here are some excerpts that really dig into the meaning behind the visual. Be sure to check out the full article at Slant Magazine.

Compared to the film’s teaser, the poster for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is markedly demure, a tame puppy to the preview’s rabid dog. What it first exudes is the high-society life that’s lived by Robert Pattinson’s finance superstar, Eric Packer, a 28-year-old billionaire created by novelist Don DeLillo.


By all evidence (material, maestro, and frantic first glimpse), this chic one-sheet is your invitation to jump off the cliff, to leave crisp and shiny decorum behind and tumble down the hole at which Pattinson seems to be staring. Like the poster for Eastern Promises, it presents crossed hands as the ultimate depiction of a man at a crossroads, where the tick of time (hence the watch) is decibels louder. Whereas the cover of DeLillo’s book shows the pivotal limo from an external distance, this poster brings you inside, promising a ride that’s as intimate as it is untamed.


The casting is apt, of course, because Packer, like Pattinson, is a golden boy in his prime, a youthful, powerful pretty face at the apex of a business. Those aren’t reading lamps in the back of that limo, but spotlights, and they’re fixed squarely on the actor and the character. The deeper context of this poster makes it better than its style, which, though immensely attractive, is a tad too reminiscent of very recent predecessors. In text and natural glow, it’s almost the twin of the poster for Like Crazy, and its minimalistic, lens-flare-kissed business man brings us right back to the ads for Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds. That said, the design is more successful than both of those it echoes, finally sealing its impact with the inclusion of a rear window. That’s not a comforting glow peeking into the limo’s cab, it’s a setting sun, and as Packer’s day-long journey makes its way into night, he’s leaving the past behind him.

Of course, good limo riders know the sun isn’t setting in this image. Mr Packer is still all groomed and neat as a pin so this is a sun rise. ;) (Good catch Chauffeur Tink)

Thank you to Claire_dlR and Lady_Packinson for the tip.

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  • tinkrbe1l3

    I liked this article until the end when my mind short-circuited and I could only focus on one thing: t’s a setting sun, and as Packer’s day-long journey makes its way into night, he’s leaving the past behind him.

    i disagree completely. This is not how Eric looks as the day is ending. This is how Eric looks at the start of the day. When we first got a glimpse of this image I was into the rising sun behind Eric. This day, this film about THIS day….just starting. That’s what the sun glow communicated to me and did so in great, simple way. That’s probably why I went all, “No. NO! The sun isn’t setting!” when I read this. LOL I had already focused on that poster element with another idea planted in my head. An idea I really liked and appreciated.

    The glow of the sunlight does seem more setting sun but I still can’t accept that when Eric looks so pristine. His day is beginning. I wonder what the real answer is….

    I’d also want to debate “leaving the past behind” but I’ve already shown my crazy for the day. LOL

    Great article! ;)

    • http://gardenlilie gardenlilie

      Something like all would end but not him…comes to mind. Twisted like a painting we have to figure out ;). I love it.
      Agree he looks too put together for the setting sun…day is starting out.

      • tinkrbe1l3

        true ;)

  • Chris

    Ladies, I would love to purchase a Nancy Babich t-shirt and/or some Cosmopolis buttons, mugs, or any other merchandise. Can you help me out, I don’t seem to be able to find them. Thanks for all the work you do on this site!!!


    • tinkrbe1l3

      We had to remove our store for copyright reasons :(

  • iloveurob

    I am a lover of all things Robert Pattinson. I immediately loved this poster when I first saw it but I never thought it could mean so much. I’m looking at it with fresh eyes. It is a work of art.