MUSIC: The two songs behind the Cosmopolis trailer

When the Cosmopolis teaser came out, folks were interested in the music used. Naturally, when the trailer came out, readers asked the question again: “What music is that?”

Need to Breathe by proXima

From proXima’s YouTube:

Need to Breathe – proXima …. radio edit version
NB : the film COSMOPOLIS uses a special metal remix of this song for the soundtrack of its international trailer (film Director : David Cronenberg, Starring : Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, …)

The Wretched by Nine Inch Nails


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  • mcguire4

    Big fan of NIN, even though I’m over 50. The Wretched fits the mood exactly….Can’t wait for this movie. Date night with the hubby and Pattinson on screen in a Cronenberg film; a perfect threesome! Ha

  • Krasse

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