The Stills


“Where?” “I want a haircut.”

“Any special reason we’re in the car instead of the office?”

“What makes you think we’re in the car instead of the office?”

“I haven’t seen you in a while. I looked for you this morning.” “Your eyes are blue.”

“When are we going to have sex again?”

“I think you acquire information and turn it into something stupendous and awful.”

“In the next block there are two haircutting salons. One, two. No need to go crosstown. The situation isn’t stable.”

“So rich and crisp. Does she let you touch her private parts?”

“How come we’ve never spent this kind of time together?”

“You need to be inflamed, don’t you? This is your element.”

“Oh, and this car, which I love. The glow of the screens. I love the screens. The glow of cyber-capital. So radiant and seductive. I understand none of it.”

“it’s interesting to be near a man somebody wants to kill.”

“She notices herself. Then other people notice her. Then she marries one of them. Then they go to dinner.”

“This is good. We’re like people talking. Isn’t this how they talk?”

“You speak of being free. This is your lucky day.”

“Getting shot is easy. Tried it seven times. Now I’m just a solo poet, working on my rhymes.”

“This is my mission worldwide. To sabotage power and wealth.”

“I wasn’t thinking ahead. I didn’t want to make plans or take precautions.”

“These stretch limousines that fill the streets. I’ve been wondering.” “Yes.” “Where are they parked at night?”

“The question is yours to answer. Why do you want to kill me?”

“I have severe anxieties that my sex organ is receding into my body.”

“You’re unsettled because you feel you have no role, you have no place. But you have to ask yourself whose fault this is. Because in fact there’s very little for you to hate in this society. Think.”

“Violence needs a burden, a purpose.” “What are you doing?” “I don’t know. Maybe nothing.”


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  • Donna Webster

    Caitlin, thank you so much.

  • Jane

    OMG!! Can’t wait for this picture to come out. Hopefully his hair will mess up a bit during the day. The last scene is going to be the hardest!!!

  • Jane

    Forgot to mention that I wish his shirt and tie fit better. Robert Pattinson has better taste!!!

    • bren

      no, then its easier for him to take them off.

  • Lady Robga

    Oh my — he looks delicious!

  • Lady RobGa

    And he really doesn’t look as if he needs a haircut –

    • Jinx

      Agreed, and when I first saw him in these sunglasses, Gucci suit and with this hair, I thought: he was born to become Eric Packer.I hope it’ll hold once a I watch the movie.

  • Jane3

    Perfect face, perfect hair, polished and successful looking. Rob, our chameleon has transformed himself into Eric Packer. Rob is becoming a true actor. Losing to that 6% body fat will have to have a new wardrobe. Gonna be one hot movie.

  • sophie and beth

    his hair is a bit….unexpected

  • bren

    cronenberg directing, caitlin taking pictures, this is going to be one hot movie. please more stills caitlin.

  • Kate Nicholson-Pole

    there is just something so delectable about Rob – just can’t stop salivating!!

  • jane

    I can’t stop licking my lips. I love that sexy man. i can’t wait to see this movie and anything else he’s in.

  • krisztina László

    Caitlin, thanks for you the pictures! I’m sure we all wish more.

  • L.

    The stills are amazing!! Can’t wait to see this movie. Hard to choose a favorite photo so I will say the gun toting Rob. He looks so sexy when he is bad.

  • Al

    I am curious to see which version of the Kendra love scene will actually show in the US version. The image of her holding the gun here has her fully clothed, the trailer has her wearing a brief outfit in the same position, and in the theatrical version shown in Canada she’s nude.

  • PK

    Looking forward to seeing this movie!

  • Shelley

    Saw Cosmopolis at the Tivoli in St. Louis this weekend and really enjoyed it! Great movie and Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer was a superb choice by Mr. Cronenberg!