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SPOILER POST: Part 1 – “Let it express itself.” Chauffeur Deb reviews ‘Cosmopolis’

Well, go find your shocked face. I loved Cosmopolis. I’ve seen it eight times now and came away with something a little different each time. Sometimes it was a deliberate decision of mine on how to approach a specific viewing … Continue reading

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OFFICIAL: Filming Update and Casting News from the Producers of Cosmopolis

Update for June 22 from  Cosmopolisthefilm.com: COSMOPOLIS’ set has been visited by some of the major stars of today’s film industry. Besides Twilight Saga’s idol, Robert Pattinson, who took Eric Packer’s role in the highly sought-for David Cronenberg’s new project, also Sarah … Continue reading

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Samantha Morton “excited” to film ‘Cosmopolis’ with David Cronenberg

In an interview with Time Out London, Samantha Morton discussed her soon to be released film, ‘The Messengers’ as well as her excitement to begin work on ‘Cosmopolis’. Here is an excerpt: Samantha Morton has been in hiding. Since 2009, when she shot … Continue reading

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RECAP: Positive reactions to Samantha Morton and the cast of Cosmopolis

When Robert Pattinson was cast as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis, we saw positive/neutral reactions but we saw a lot of negative reactions as well. The fanboys. Rob knows what we’re talking about. Folks are singing a different tune now. With … Continue reading

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MTV First: Rob Pattinson talks Cosmopolis

Here’s the video clip of Robert Pattinson discussing Cosmopolis with MTV. He mentions Elise being cast but can’t reveal the actress yet. He also says Samantha Morton was cast but did not specify the role. Click HERE to read chauffeur … Continue reading

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Casting News: Robert Pattinson talks Cosmopolis on MTV First

I say we make Josh Horowitz an honourary chauffeur! He asked Robert Pattinson about his next project, Cosmopolis, during last night’s fantastic MTV First interview. Rob mentioned casting, saying he thought the female lead (Elise Shifrin) had been cast but he … Continue reading

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