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Review: Samantha Ettus and Mitch Jacobs in Pregnant in Heels – Another Reality Mess


Oh, Bravo! Just when you thought reality TV couldn’t get more outrageous, along comes “Pregnant in Heels.” This show takes us into the plush pads of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where pregnancy is just another excuse for extravagance. At the heart of this glitzy fiasco is Samantha Ettus, a best-selling author who seems to have mistaken baby-naming for brand-building. Honestly, the way Samantha goes about naming her unborn child, you’d think she was launching a new line of designer handbags, not welcoming a new life into the world.

Let’s set the scene: Samantha Ettus, alongside her husband, Mitchell Lee Jacobs, ropes in Rosie Pope, a “Maternity Concierge” (because that’s a thing now?). Rosie’s job? To help this couple pick a baby name that screams “unique” yet “marketable” in the same breath. They assemble a crack team for this monumental task—linguists, poets, you name it. Imagine having the audacity to think a baby’s name needs a think tank. But here we are, folks!

Now, the pièce de résistance of absurdity: a focus group. Yes, they had a group of strangers throw around potential baby names while Samantha and Mitch judged from behind a one-way mirror like two Bond villains deciding the world’s fate. The name they settle on? Bowen. Chosen despite being universally loathed by the focus group. If that isn’t a perfect metaphor for this show, I don’t know what is.

But “Pregnant in Heels” isn’t just an isolated train wreck. No, it’s part of a grand tradition of terrible reality TV. Remember “Bridalplasty”? That was the show where brides competed not just for a dream wedding but for plastic surgery to transform themselves in time for their big day. And who could forget “The Swan”? Another gem is where women underwent major plastic surgery as part of a beauty pageant. Much like “Pregnant in Heels,” these shows turn personal milestones into public spectacles, stripping them of any genuine human element.

Then there’s “Who’s Your Daddy?”—a one-off special so distasteful it had viewers asking if it was even real. An adopted woman had to pick her biological father from a lineup to win money. Yep, that was a real thing that aired on actual television.

All these shows have in common their ability to make us cringe while also miraculously keeping us watching. “Pregnant in Heels” is no exception. It takes the cake for turning what should be a beautiful, private moment into a branding exercise. It’s as if Samantha and Mitch are less in the business of raising a child and more in the business of launching a startup.

So, if you’re in the mood to witness the upper crust turn parenting into performance art, “Pregnant in Heels” is your ticket to the show. Just be prepared for the bizarre, the extravagant, and the utterly ridiculous. Because in the world of reality TV, it seems nothing is too sacred to be spun into ratings gold.

So, where were we? Ah, yes, deep in the heart of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels,” a reality show that often feels more like a twisted social experiment than an insightful look into the joys and trials of pregnancy. Our fearless protagonists, Samantha Ettus and Mitchell Lee Jacobs are not your average soon-to-be parents. No, they are on a mission to perfect the art of baby branding—starting with the perfect, market-tested name.

Rosie Pope, their chosen guide through this labyrinth of luxury maternity, isn’t your everyday baby consultant (if there even is such a thing). She’s a maternity concierge, which apparently means she’s capable of turning even the most mundane aspects of pregnancy into an extravagant affair. Rosie organizes a ‘baby name brainstorming session’ that’s more boardroom than baby room, complete with a linguist to dissect syllables and a poet to muse about the rhythm of names. You can’t make this stuff up.

And let’s talk about that infamous focus group. Imagine a room full of earnest New Yorkers, sipping on designer water, tossing around baby names like they’re discussing stock options or the latest trends in tech. Samantha and Mitch, meanwhile, are hidden behind that one-way mirror, reacting to each name with the seriousness of venture capitalists vetting a new investment. They finally settled on Bowen, a name that everyone else seemed to find as appealing as last season’s leftovers.

But “Pregnant in Heels” isn’t content with just turning baby-naming into a spectator sport. Oh no, it delves into other prenatal extravagances that would probably make even the most pampered pets blush. We’re talking about baby “branding” sessions, where everything from the nursery decor to the baby’s wardrobe is scrutinized and styled to perfection. And let’s not forget the baby yoga sessions because it’s never too early to start stressing about flexibility, right?

Comparing “Pregnant in Heels” to other notorious reality flops brings its unique flavor of ridiculousness into sharper focus. “Bridalplasty” treated bridal beauty like a prize to be won in a game show, turning what is traditionally a celebration of love into a grotesque pageant of self-improvement. “The Swan” took this even further, morphing women into new versions of themselves via the scalpel—inside and out.

These shows, along with “Pregnant in Heels,” highlight a curious trend in reality television: the transformation of deeply personal life events into competitive and commercial spectacles. It’s as if the producers sat down and asked, “How can we monetize every aspect of human experience?” And boy, did they find some answers.

Yet, despite all its flaws, “Pregnant in Heels” has a weird, car-crash quality to it—you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t help but stare. It’s a mix of fascination and horror as you watch real people turn their lives into public performances. This show is a perfect example of how far reality TV will go to entertain, even if it means turning the miracle of life into just another episode to binge.

So grab your popcorn and brace yourself. Whether you’re watching to mock or marvel, “Pregnant in Heels” is a masterclass in the art of reality TV gone wild. But remember, beneath all that gloss and glam, these are real people making real (albeit highly questionable) decisions about one of the most significant experiences of their lives. And if nothing else, it’s a vivid reminder of just how diverse the parenting journey can be—even if it sometimes veers into the utterly absurd.

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